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 Brendan Power and Janie Rothfield

Traditional and Original American Celtic Instrumental Music

Harmonica's-Fiddle-Clawhammer Banjo




When Brendan Power and Janie Rothfield play together, the combination of their inventiveness, groove and soul to American Old Time and Celtic Traditional music is totally unique and yet familiar with it's connection to the old music they love.  They first crossed paths in 2014 at a festival in Montreal, and from the first notes of their impromptu jam in the corridor, they knew they were kindred spririts with the power of their rhythm, soul and groove. Brendan and Janie have a deep afinity for traditional music from Celtic and American Sources, and for creating new music in the traditional style.  Their musical conversation starts from the tradition and moves effortlessly into an improvisational conversation and finding new ways of playing the old tunes.  Always exciting, somewhat surprising and very entertaining!


Over the Waterfall



A Misty Wednesday Morning by Brendan Power

Cute Little Tune

by Janie Rothfield/Brendan Power

Cumberland Gap

Traditional Old Time Tune

About Brendan Power
UK-based New Zealander Brendan Power is acknowledged by many as one of the most creative, skilled & versatile harmonica players around today-equally at home with Irish, American, European and Chinese mu;sic.  Brendan is an expert player of Irish traditional music (winning the 1993 All Ireland title), and performed as a soloist in the Riverdance Show. He has recorded with many top Irish artists (Donal Lunny, Altan, Paul Brady, Arcady, Artie McGlynn, Mary Black and others.  He has also worked with such artists as Kate Bush, Sting, Van Morrison, James Galway, Paul Young, Shirley Bassey and John Williiams and has played on many Hollywood movie soundtracks (including Janie's favorite movie Shanghai Noon), and on BBC TV.  He has toured worldwide, including China, Europe and at the Kremlin! Equally at ease on both the earthy Blues Harp as well as the sophisticated Chromatic Harmonica, he tunes them to his own scales to create a highly original style. He has recorded over twenty solo CDs to date, in a wide variety of musical genres and designs and manufactures his own line of cutting edge harmonica's-X-Reed.


About Janie Rothfield
Janie Rothfield has been playing old time music since her early teens, when she began learning from New England and French Canadian traditional fiddlers and musicians. Over her 30+ year career, she has played at concerts, festivals, workshops and music camps throughout the UK, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Janie has 11 recordings of her special brand of traditional and award winning original old time style music-She has won TWICE for her original tunes at the prestigious Clifftop Appalachian Mountain Music Festival in West Virginia! In addition to performing with Brendan Janie plays in numerous other musical entities, including Coracree, Hen's Teeth, Great Big Taters, Little Missy (with daughter Shona Carr) and with legendary bluegrass fiddler Blaine Sprouse!  Janie is also the creator and director of Janie’s Jumpstart Weekend Music Camps! Her newest CD, OUT OF THIN AIR, features 13 of her own original tunes and songs, on iFiddle Records.