Bridge the Gap Online Trad Music Camp
July 13-17, 2020
This is a virtual Music Camp with a host of wonderful teachers and interesting classes, multiple musical styles and jams!   
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All classes will be using the ZOOM app.
Janie will be offering classes for Old Time Fiddle, Clawhammer Banjo, Old Time Back Up Guitar and a Faster Old Time Jam!
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Link to Faster Old Time Jam
Janie is available private and group lessons IN PERSON AND ONLINE for old time fiddle, clawhammer banjo, and old time back up guitar.  She teaches all ages and levels with a specialty in American Old Time Music. 
Options for regularly scheduled weekly, biweekly or as needed lessons
Janie uses Zoom, Messenger, Skype and Whatsapp.
Payments accepted: Cash, Paypal, Venmo, Check
Hourly Rate: upon request. Discounts offered for pay in advance/multiple scheduled lessons. 


Janie has taught clawhammer banjo and fiddle for over 35 years, privately (in person and online) and at camps and festivals such as Banjo Camp North,  Midwest Banjo Camp, Kauii Old Time Festival,  Porltand Old Time Music Gathering, Bellingham Folk Festival, Old Songs Summer Camps, Janie's Jumpstart, Heart of the Alleghanies Festival, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Folk College and the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, FOATMAD Weekend (Wales), in England, Scotland, Germany and the Netherlands, and Australia.  


Janie is an award winning fiddler and clawhammer banjo player who has been playing old-time music “forever.” She has toured professionally for over 35 years, during which she has also been a composer, recording artist, band leader, teacher, and event organizer, with fans around the world. Her music borrows heavily from both the traditional and inventive aspects of her fiddling and banjo playing and is characterized by great power, drive and in-the-pocket rhythm.  She uses her own special teaching methods that combine easy to learn techniques and strategies for learning to play by ear quickly with a focus on musicality and rhythm!  She has an uncanny ability to tailor her classes to the individual needs of her students and their learning style. 


Janie tours internationally as a solo artist and with a variety of collaborations including with Scottish Singer/guitarist Allan Carr, Hen's Teeth (with cellist Nathan Bontrager), Coracree (Concert and Dance Band), Little Missy (with daughter singer/multi instrumentalist Shona Carr), The Janie Rothfield Old Time Trio and with the The Idumea Quartet (international string quartet sensation).


She has over 13 recordings featuring her explorations and interpretations of traditional music and original songs and tunes.  Her latest solo CD, “Out of Thin Air,” features 15 of her own award winning compositions. 

"Janie came highly recommended so I had high expectations.  They were met and exceeded.  I've been playing fiddle for years, trying to learn from books and the internet.  After Janie showed me the proper way to hold the fiddle and bow, and proper bowing technique, all those tunes I know became so much easier to play.  Then she showed me the most important thing about playing any instrument; the difference between playing notes and making music.  And the whole time I never feel like I'm taking lessons.  I feel like I'm just hanging out playing music and learning new things.  Most importantly, I'm excited about learning because it has become fun again."  Jamie McCracken- Janie's Fiddle student

“Janie has shown me how to pull the melody out of old time tunes on my banjo… to make them less busy and more musical. I had developed some poor habits throwing every banjo cliché I ever learned into each tune I played.  Janie showed me how to strip out all of the unnecessary stuff… to concentrate on the melody and rhythm which ultimately “pops” the tunes and makes them more beautiful.”  Tim Wade-clawhammer banjo (Doylestown, PA)

Video from an episode of Get Up In The Cool: Playing Bentons Dream.

Video from Midwest Banjo Camp staff concert: No rehearsal fiddle banjo duet with Roy Andrade of Indian Et a Woodchuck and Ducks on the Millpond

Janie's Jumpstart Weekend Camps

Founded in 2014, Janie created and directs Janie's home based music camps for fiddle, banjo, guitar, singing, cello and more!

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