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Jane Rothfield Recordings available from Jane or CD baby

  • There and Back (Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr)  LP  1983

  • When These Shoes Were New (Hadden, Rothfield and Carr)  LP  1985

  • Atlantic Bridge (Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr with Martin Hadden) LP 1987

  • Northern Lights of Aberdeen (Jane Rothfield, Selma Kaplan and Sarah Bauhan) CD 1992

  • iFiddle, theyBanjo (Jane Rothfield with Hilarie Burhans, Cathy Fink, Reed Martin, Dan Rublee and Jimmy McCown) CD  2005

  • Crossing with Red Hen (Jane Rothfield, Allan Carr, Linda Schrade and David Kiphuth)  CD  2009

  • Great Big Taters (Jane Rothfield, Hilarie Burhans and Bernie Nau)  CD 2010Birds of a Feather with Red Hen Stringband (Jane Rothfield, Allan Carr, Linda Schrade and David Kiphuth) CD  2011

  • Dancing in the Sky with Coracree  CD  2011

  • A Message from Home with Sugar Pie (Jane Rothfield, Hilarie Burhans, Sabra Guzman and Kellie Allen) CD 2013

  • Out of Thin Air  (Jane Rothfield with Shona Carr, Cathy Fink, Joe   Newberry, Barbara Rosner, Sam Stallings and Brendan Power) CD 2015

  • More Than One (The Idumea Quartet) CD 2020 PennyFiddle Records