Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr

Scottish and American Traditional Music

Husband/wife duo, Jane Rothfield (fiddle, banjo, vocal) and Allan Carr (guitar,vocals)
have been playing their unique blend of traditional and
original Celtic and Appalachian style music for over
30 years.  The combination of Jane's  fiddling and clawhammer banjo with Allan's powerful and inventive guitar skills PLUS great singing creates a marvelous sound and musical journey!  They have toured together throughout the United Kingdom and the US and Canada and concerts and festivals such as Philadelphia Folk Festival, New Bedford Folk Festival, Champlain Valley Festival, Old Songs Festival, and many more!  They have recorded over 8 albums together and have plans for a new recording in 2020!
Allan (from Aberdeen, Scotland) grew up
surrounded by the rich traditional music of the
Northeast of Scotland and is one of the finest singers 
from that tradition.  His guitar playing combines the best of Celtic guitar styles with an inventive style from his Scottish and American Old Time music.

Jane is an award winning fiddler, clawhammer banjo
player and tune composer with deep roots in the fiddle
traditions of New England, Scotland and the American
South. They play roots music that is directly from the
source while expanding on that tradition with newly
composed songs and tunes. Great singing, hot
instrumentals and with Allan’s humor, always a whole
lot of fun! Jane and Allan also play for Contra Dances and
concerts with their amazing band Coracree.

Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr “history”!
Allan Carr was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland
a region known for its rich musical traditional musical
heritage. He began singing traditional songs in his teens,
learning from such source singers as Jeannie Robertson, Lizzie Higgins, Jimmy McBeath and Stanley Robertson Allan performed regularly at the Aberdeen Folk Club, and won numerous traditional singing competitions throughout Scotland. In 1978, Allan met fiddler and clawhammer banjo player Jane Rothfield while she was studying at Aberdeen University and that was the start of their 30+ year musical partnership!  The combination of Allan’s traditional Scottish singing and celtic guitar style melded perfectly with Jane’s Old Time fiddle and banjo and clear voice and with innovative arrangements created a unique sound not heard on the folk scene at the time.

In the early 80’s Jane and Allan moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and together they worked with Robin Morton (Boys of the Lough founder) to record “There and Back” on Temple Records.  Jane and Allan toured extensively appearing at folk clubs and festivals in the UK and USA until 1984 when they were joined by Silly Wizard bassist/guitarist, Martin Hadden, to form Hadden, Rothfield and Carr.

The trio pioneered the fusion of American and Scottish traditional styles for a whole new “world music” sound. Hadden, Rothfield and Carr recorded 2 critically acclaimed records (“When these Shoes Were New” on Shanachie and “Atlantic Bridge” on Green Linnet), toured extensively at clubs and festivals throughout Britain and the United States, and appeared on nationally broadcast radio shows such as The Flea Market (Chicago) and Mountain Stage (W. Va).
Allan and Jane moved back to the US in 1988 and throughout the 90’s played at festivals and concerts throughout the Northeast including Old Songs, Champlain Valley, New Bedford Summerfest and also played for many Contra Dances as Jane’s Gang from Vermont to North Carolina. In 2008, they formed Red Hen Stringband, an American Roots Old Time Band with singer guitarist Linda Schrade and banjo player David Kiphuth. Red Hen combined hot instrumentalists and great vocals with original tunes and songs written by Jane and Allan, as well as traditional music from the Old Time and Bluegrass traditions.  Red Hen Stringband toured throughout the East Coast at Folk Music Concerts and Festivals (New Bedford Summer Fest, Old Songs Festival, Common Ground, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival) and recorded 2 acclaimed CD’s- Crossing on Red Hen Records) and Birds of a Feather on Wepecket Island Records).

Following a move to the Philadelphia area in 2009, Jane and Allan formed Coracree with tune composer and multi-instrumentalists (and dancers) Bill Quern and Sarah Gowan. Coracreee plays for Contra Dances throughout the East Coast and also for concerts adds a strong repertoire of original and traditional songs from the Scottish and Old Time tradition.

About Jane Rothfield​
Jane Rothfield is an award winning fiddler and tune composer (her tunes, “Too Late for the Bacon” and “Red Hen” won the Best Original Tune prize at the 2006 and 2010 Clifftop Appalachian Music Festival. In addition to her work with Allan Carr, Red Hen Stringband and Coracree, Jane also plays with contra dance trio Great Big Taters, Groovemama, Sugar Pie and Panache Quartet.

She is adept in both Celtic and American Appalachian music and song and in 1992 recorded a fiddle album for Sampler Records titled “The Northern Lights of Aberdeen” featuring traditional Scottish melodies (Produced by Allan Carr).​ In 2005 Jane recorded her 1st solo CD, called “In The Moment” on 5-string Productions. This popular recording features 7 of Jane’s own compositions, and​
demonstrates her swingy and full of groove fiddling. In 2008, Jane released the highly acclaimed “iFiddle, theyBanjo” on iFiddle Recordings (her own label) featuring Jane’s fine fiddling with 5 outstanding clawhammer banjo players (Cathy Fink, Hilarie Burhans, Reed Martin, Jimmy McCown and Dan Rublee). Jane is also in high demand as a fiddle and clawhammer banjo teacher and has taught at numerous music camps (Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Midwest Banjo Camp Old Songs String Camps, Folk College and Banjo Camp North) to name a few. Her music has also been featured on Thistle and Shamrock on NPR and radio stations throughout the US and even in Australia!

Jane and Allan Music


Hap N Row-Scottish Song



Pauls Ringtone-fiddle tune by Jane Rothfield  


The Candlight (tune by Jane Rothfield/Lyrics by Marion Angus)



Listen to Allan and Jane live in concert

Grat for Gruel Rothfield and Carr live
Do You Love and Apple by Rothfield and C
The Candlelight Rothfield and Carr LIve
Pauls RIngtone Rothfield and Carr Live
November Wind Rothfield and Carr with A

Listen to Jane play one of her original tunes