Breezy Point
    Cold Mountain
    Park Moon Waltz
    Rock that Cradle Joe
    Uncle Bob’s Boogie
    Béa’s Waltz
    In the Moment
    Indians Et a Woodchuck
    Violet’s Waltz
    Coconut Stumble
    Free Little Bird
    Nail that Catfish to a Tree
    Indians are Over the Hill
    Snowcones in December

In The Moment is my 2005 release on 5-String Productions featuring many of my own tunes mixed with some choice traditional gems. Duets, trios and full band renditions with Pete Peterson, Tim Brown, Matt Brown, Paul Sidlick, Susan Sterngold, Michael Resnick, Sarah Slaughter and Bob Taylor.
“Whenever I play, I try to be mindful of the power in the moment, going for the feel of the music, looking for the essence of a tune, that blend of groove and harmony that makes the hair go up on the back of my neck.” Jane 2005

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