Jane plays with a variety of musicians and bands

Little Missy

Mother Daughter Old Time Music

Little Missy- Brand new mother daughter duo featuring traditional and new old time music by Janie Rothfield and daughter, Shona Carr. These two powerhouse old time musicians meld traditional Appalachian-Old Time style music with their own compositions and songs. The Little Missy sound celebrates their individuality and undeniable genetic connection!   With interesting instrumental combinations that include double fiddle, clawhammer banjo, tenor guitar and guitar, hot tunes, soulful ballads and great harmonies, Little Missy doesn't miss!  Recent appearances include the Spring Gulch Folk Festival (New Holland, PA), Bedford Summerfest (New Bedford, MA) and the Philadelhpia Folk Festival! 

Janie Rothfield and Shona Carr

Jane Rothfield and Blaine Sprouse

Old Time and Bluegrass Fiddlers

Legendary Bluegrass Fiddler, Blaine Sprouse and  Award winning Old Time Fiddler and Clawhammer banjo player, Janie Rothfield met at the 2014 Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and when they got together to play, they found a musical connection that was so strongly tethered to their shared traditional fiddling roots and at the same time celebrated their individual styles and compositions!  From Old Time to Bluegrass and back again-with Janie's fiery clawhammer banjo and old time fiddle teaming up with Blaine's traditional bluegrass fiddling, and some fine singing too, the combination will take you on a musical journey like no other you’ve heard before! Plus they are really funny! 


In October 2014, Jane and Blaine AKA the "Aines" had their first tour in the NW with concerts in Seattle, Bellingham, and Bothell, with fantastic accompaniment by WB "Bruce" Reid. Recently, Janie and Blaine wowed audiences in Staunton VA and plan to do more performance in 2016. Stay tuned...




Hot Contra Dance and Appalachian-Celtic Concert Band

Coracree melds a transatlantic mix of traditional Celtic, Old Time, European and Original music with a playful, improvisational style. Equally at home on the concert stage or in the dance hall, they delight audiences with driving instrumentals, sweet harmonies and unexpected surprises. All members of the band are prolific tune and songwriters, giving their repertoire a distinctly fresh sound.  Featuring the always lively and playful fiddling of Jane Rothfield, the driving swing of Bill Quern on tenor banjo, mandolin & melodeon, Sarah Gowan’sinventive guitar stylings and the melodic and rhythmic stand-up bass playing of Allan Carr. Coracree is on the road a lot these days playing concerts and contra dances from Toronto to Florida, to Texas and Washington State! These guys rock! www.coracree.com


Panache Quartet

Four Fiery Female Fiddlers


Panache Quartet celebrates four branches of North American fiddling - Cape Breton, Franco-American, American Old-Time, and Québecois. These four women fiddling masters fill their performances with power and joy. Andrea Beaton's Cape Breton roots are deep, as are Veronique Plasse's in Quebec. Donna Hébert's eclectic contradance fiddling is joined by Jane Rothfield's American Old-Time fiddle and banjo to create a unique sound and concert experience for the audience. 

These ladies play and sing all the parts - in duets, trios and the full quartet! They combine their traditions and talents with bilingual humor and lyrics for an evening of pure magic. Spontaneous combustion is not out of the question with these four fiery female fiddlers.   

2014 Festival performance highlights include La Grande Recontre (Montreal), Old Songs Festival (Altamont NY), Celtic Colours (Cape Breton) and Blackstone River Solstice Festival (Cumberland, RI) and various concert venues to standing ovations!


Hen's Teeth

Janie Rothfield and Nathan Bontrager

Traditional and Original American Roots Music

Janie Rothfield and Nathan Bontrager are two powerhouse and inventive American Roots musicians whose specialty is traditional and original Southern Appalachian and American Old Time Music. Janie and Nathan first met at the Clifftop Appalachian Mountrain Stringband Festival in West Virginia where they spent hours exploring cello, fiddle, banjo and guitar and watched and listened as the musical sparks flew!
Their love for traditional Old Time songs and tunes, combined with their own inventive and unique styles creates music that is full of power, soul, and whimsy that is firmly rooted in tradition and always interesting! Janie and Nathan both sing, and they each play fiddle, banjo and guitar-with the addition of Nathan’s cello, the instrumental and musical combinations are practically limitless!  Janie and Nathan are a duo but make enough sound for a 4 piece band!! American Roots Music at it’s best! 
As they say..."as rare as Hen's Teeth"!

The Old Time Shifters

Old Time and Celtic Traditional Music

The Old Time Shifters play music that links their deep roots in traditional American and Scottish music with the present day and beyond. The “Shifters” sound incorporates hot fiddle tunes, great singing and songs and innovative arrangements. A little Charlie Poole, some honky tonkin’, Celtic country and old-time classics-mix them together and you have the Old Time Shifters sound!


This unique musical combination of award winning fiddler and tune composer fiddler Janie Rothfield, 3 finger style banjo master, guitarist and singer Pete Peterson, Scottish singer and Celtic old time style guitarist Allan Carr and singer/bass and guitarist Kellie Allen generates inventive yet familiar music from both sides of the Atlantic-With their relaxed performance style, toe tapping tunes, great singing and humor, the Old Time Shifters are a crowd pleaser!


The Old Time Shifters took shape in 2009 when ½ of the group (Janie Rothfield and Allan Carr) moved from Schenectady NY to Havertown PA, putting them 5 hours closer to musicians Pete Peterson and Kellie Allen, who live in Oxford PA.  After many years of jamming, and playing dances together, the two couples are practically neighbors and the Old Time Shifters was born. They bring a wealth of experience, musical talent, professionalism and fun to the stage!




Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr

Roots music from America and Scotland

Award winning fiddler Jane Rothfield and husband Scottish singer and guitarist Allan Carr have been playing their unique blend of traditional and original Celtic and Appalachian style music for over 30 years. Allan (from Aberdeen, Scotland) grew up surrounded by the rich traditional music of the Northeast of Scotland and is one of the finest singers from that tradition. 


His celtic/old time guitar style perfectly complements his traditional songs and all styles of fiddle tunes!  Jane is an award winning fiddler, clawhammer banjo player and tune composer with deep roots in the fiddle traditions of New England, Scotland and the American South.  She has numerous recordings to her credit, and has TWICE won the prize for Best Non-Traditional Tune at the Clifftop Appalachian Music Festival in West Virginia. They play roots music that is directly from the source while expanding on that tradition with newly composed songs and tunes.  Great singing, hot instrumentals and with Allan’s humor, always a whole lot of fun! 

Great Big Taters

Hot Contra Dance Trio

Hot Contra Dance band featuring fiddler Janie Rothfield, banjo queen Hilarie Burhans and piano wiz Bernie Nau. www.greatbigtaters.com 


Groovemama is Jane Rothfield, Fiddler  Donna Hébert, Guitarist Max Cohen and flutist Julie Sorcek, who get together each year to teach the "kids" Great Groove Band at Old Songs and Philadelphia Folk Festivals. The Great Groove Band of young musicians who attend these festivals and spend 3 sessions working with Groovemama to learn traditional tunes and songs all by ear, culminating in a main-stage performance on Sunday afternoon at each festival.

“Groovemama stirs up a wild storm of music!” Philadelphia Folk Festival



Great Groove Band Coaches 

Red Hen Stringband

New Old Time

Red Hen Stringband is a “new” Old Time Band that dips into a blended palette of old time, country and bluegrass, with a few Celtic roots showing. Their repertoire is traditionally based with an old time twist, mixed with the award winning new tunes and songs by written by band members Jane Rothfield and Allan Carr. Boasting four distinctive lead voices with great harmonies and instrumental excellence, Red Hen is acoustic Americana at its best. With the loss of singer/guitarist LInda Schrade in August 2015, Red Hen Stringband is currently on "leave" from performing but will be available in 2016 for select concerts as the Red Hen Trio with Jane Rothfield, Allan Carr and David Kiphuth.