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Janie's Jumpstart!!



Janie's Jumpstart Old Time Music Weekend Camps




10/18-20  Hanover NH

with Janie Rothfield (Int Old Time Fiddle), Craig Edwards (Novice Clawhammer Banjo) and Ken Perlman (Int Clawhammer Banjo)


11/1-3  Oxford PA

with Judy Hyman and Beverly Smith (fiddle), Anna Roberts Gevalt (clawhammer banjo), Janie Rothfield (clawhammer banjo), Kellie Allen (guitar-song) and Shona Carr (clawhammer banjo)

11/8-10 Portland ORE

with Janie Rothfield (Int/Adv Fiddle), Cameron DeWhitt (Int/Adv Clawhammer Banjo), Shona Carr (Novice Clawhammer Banjo) and Charmaine Slaven (Int Guitar and Songs)


1/31-2/2, 2020  Austin TX

Janie Rothfield (Int/Adv Fiddle), Kellie Allen (Int Old Time Guitar and Songs) and Pete Peterson (Int Clawhammer Banjo)


2/7-9, 2020 Cleveland OH

with Janie Rothfield (Int/Adv Fiddle), Brad Kolodner (Int/Adv Clawhammer Banjo) and Hilarie Burhans (Novice Clawhammer Banjo

and MORE TO COME IN 2020!!


About Jane Rothfield​
Jane Rothfield is an internationally known fiddler, clawhammer banjo player, tune composer, dance musician, band leader  who has been playing music since “forever.”  She began playing professionally over 30 years ago, and has made eleven recordings featuring her lively, spirited and soulful playing and singing.   Whether it be traditional Old Time Stringband and fiddle music, or traditional Scottish songs and tunes, music for Contra or Square Dances or tight harmony singing, Jane plays from her her heart and musical soul with great technique and expression!  
In addition to her solo performing, Jane tours and performs with: 
CORACREE ( Hot Contra Dance and Concert Band with Allan Carr, Sarah Gowan and Bill Quern), HEN'S TEETH (With Cellist/fiddler Nathan Bontrager),  JANE ROTHFIELD AND ALLAN CARR (With Scottish singer and husband and Allan Carr),  LITTLE MISSY (Mother Daughter Duo with Shona Carr), SUGAR PIE (All Women Old Time Stringband with Hilarie Burhans, Lori Lichtenwalner and Kellie Allen), GREAT BIG TATERS (Contra Dance band with Hilarie Burhans and Bernie Nau) and THE JANIE ROTHFIELD OLD TIME TRIO (with Pete Peterson and Kellie Allen),  THE IDUMEA QUARTET and with TRANSATLANTIC BOWS with Breton fiddler Yuna Leon. 

Jane's music has been played on numerous radio stations around the world and featured on NPR's A Thistle and Shamrock, Mountain Stage, Bound for Glory, Dancing on the Air and Folk Stage! She has performed at festivals, concerts, workshops and music camps around the world including Old Songs Festival, Falcon Ridge Festival, Edinburgh Folk Festival, Pontardawe Festival (Wales), New Bedford Summer Fest, Dance Flurry Festival, Golden Link Folk Festival, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Common Ground on the Hill, Clifftop Appalachian String band Festival, Banjo Camp North,  TRADMAD at Pinewoods,  Chesapeake Dance Weekend, The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Celtic Colours, Kawaii Old Time Festival, Portland Old Time Music Gathering, and Old Time in the Alps!
Janie is currently touring as a solo artist with Scottish singer (and husband) Allan Carr, with The Idumea Quartet, Hen's Teeth and Coracree. 




Jane is available for concerts, festivals, lessons, workshops, dances, wedding and celebrations as a solo, duo, trio and full band!  Click Here for more selections of Jane's Music and videos! 



LITTLE MISSY  (Shona  Carr and Jane Rothfield) 



Hen's Teeth

(Nathan Bontrager and Janie Rothfield)

"In the Moment" by Jane Rothfield

Janie Rothfield and Brendan Power


House Concert in Virginia

Jane and Blaine Sprouse play Jane's tune, THEO'S WALTZ, with Nigel Armstrong and Lorie Lichtenwalner

The Idumea Quartet plays Sally Ann

Both Sides of the Road (J. Rothfield music/A. Carr lyrics) played by Red Hen Stringband from the CD Crossing. 

Pikes Peak with Hilarie Burhans from the cd iFiddle theyBanjo

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose played by Jane Rothfield and Selma Kaplan from the CD, Northern Lights of Aberdeen.

Free Little Bird with Jane Rothfield and Pete Peterson from CD In the Moment

Coracree  plays one of Jane's original tunes called Sound Check Janie-with Sarah Gowan, Bill Quern, Allan Carr and Jane Rothfield

Carry Me Back (Dan Rublee) with Dan Rublee, Steve Parks, Rick Friend and Joseph DeJarnette from the CD iFiddle theyBanjo

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